Life’s Little Pleasures

Life’s Little Pleasures

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On a recent trip to Vancouver, I was reminded that you can still find joy and pleasure through the little things in life, even when you’re least expecting it.

In the middle of an especially stressful 12-day business trip, I sent clothes to the hotel laundry to be cleaned. Among the clothes included suits, blouses, jeans, and, yes, underclothes! This was not my first time using a hotel’s cleaning service, but it was the first time I had sent underwear out to be cleaned. Later in the evening, when I returned, sleepy-eyed and exhausted, to my hotel room, I noticed a small white box with a red ribbon tied around it. I smiled a huge smile – probably one of the very few real smiles I had shown all day. And through this smile I thought, oooh, a present! Someone sent me chocolates, or maybe it was a gift from the hotel! When I opened the box I was surprised and nearly tickled to find my underwear cleaned and neatly folded in the box, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with another ribbon- a white one this time.

The beautiful presentation and extra care shown toward my underclothes was one of the best examples of attention to detail that I’ve seen from a hotel. But more than that, just seeing my underthings tied with a white ribbon brought me a small amount of happiness – an unexpected lift during a somewhat challenging trip away from home and my family. It also reminded me that little things are still important, no matter where you are.

Now, the next time I take an extended trip, I’m looking forward to sending out my clothes to be cleaned. And I hope that some of them will be returned in a little white box!




  1. That’s adorable!

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