English Breakfast Tea: A Refined Classic

English Breakfast Tea: A Refined Classic

For the last 4 years, I have received an Amazon giftcard from a colleague. The first three years, I used the card to buy things that we needed – for the house, kids, etc. But this year, I was determined to spend the giftcard on myself and buy something I wanted. Aside from buying several of the books I’ve been wanting, I also bought a tea that I’ve been searching for in stores for a year. Harney & Sons English Breakfast Tea, although sold online, is quite elusive in the stores – at least near my house. I want to clarify that the H&S English Breakfast tea that I’ve been coveting is the sachet version, not loose leaf. I’ve purchased the loose leaf tea and have been extremely pleased with the taste, although it is a bit inconvenient when you’re on the go so much like me. Hence, my quest for the English Breakfast in sachet form.

Imagine my excitement when I, giftcard in hand, found the exact tea I was looking for on Amazon and it was sold via Harney and Sons (I’m a bit of a tea loyalist as most of you know). A few days ago, my package finally arrive. I couldn’t wait to tear open the box, open the gorgeous old-fashioned tin, and try the aromatic tea nesting in the dainty sachet.

I was not disappointed either. It tasted similar to Tazo Awake (one of my favorite teas!), yet not as strong or full bodied – possibly because I didn’t let it steep long enough out of sheer impatience for trying my new find. Although seemingly less potent, I do find that H&S’s English Breakfast is more reminiscent of the black tea I savored during my trips to England  – quite classic and refined – just add a bit of milk and you have a yourself a cup of creamy British heaven.

Pass the strawberry scones please….



  1. oh, will have to try this english breakfast – thanks for the tip! I love your cup and saucer – where did you find them? xo

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