A Passion for Paris-Style Espresso Cups

A Passion for Paris-Style Espresso Cups

For years, I have had a very British passion for all things tea – tea cups, tea pots, tea accessories, etc. I still have a great love for tea, but that passion has since expanded to include all things espresso! Whether you associate espresso with Italy, France, or Spain, the dark elixir definitely has a European flavor. Since I received my Nespresso machine a few months ago, I have been eying various latte, cappuccino, and espresso cups, looking for a style that was European, fun, and a bit funky.

Enter Crate and Barrel.

Of course, C&B is not exactly European as far as style, but they do occasionally sell products with a French or Italian flair. And just as luck would have it, this year C&B has a line of cafe/coffee and espresso cups that fit all of my style criteria. The porcelain cups are a shiny, sleek white, similar to what you’d find at a cafe in Italy, yet the chunky black lettering (spelling either espresso or coffee) adds a bit of Paris whimsy to this jittery line.

Chic Paris-style cafe cups + quality espresso at my fingertips = A very happy and wide awake girl

Ooh la la, bring on the java, and more cupboard space!


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I really like the espresso set you have highlighted here. I too am a tea lover, and have recently expanded this to include espresso.. Partly because Luna, my wife, is becoming more of a coffee drinker, or I should say a latte lover as of late. Thanks again for the post!


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