Vive la Revolution: Bastille Day Menu

Vive la Revolution: Bastille Day Menu

French Flag 2013

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The 4th of July may be over, but don’t put away those red, white, and blue decorations just yet. On Sunday, July 14, French nationals (and Francophiles) all around the world will celebrate Bastille Day, a national holiday marking the beginning of the French Revolution.

Not only will the French colors of red, white, and blue be prominently displayed,  but celebrators will partake in numerous festivals and parties, watch fireworks displays, and consume delicious amounts of food.

Want to celebrate Bastille Day in your own way? No need to be in France to do it! Simply build a French Cafe music playlist (via Pandora, iTunes, or your own library), string a few twinkling white lights on the deck, and serve a tres chic French menu:

Bastille Day Menu du Jour


  • Mimosas – Orange Juice and Champagne (or sparkly white wine)
  • Buttery croissants or French baquette slices and Raspberry Jam
  • Fresh berries and crème fraîche or real whipped cream
  • Mushroom and shallot quiche



 Happy Bastille Day/La Fête Nationale!

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