Modern Twists to a Royal Birth

Modern Twists to a Royal Birth

duchess kate on st. patricks day

Even the British Royal family can’t escape social media, especially when the attention is surrounding Will and Kate’s new bundle of joy.

Although the royals will most certainly keep many traditions related to the announcement of a new heir, more modern, and socially acceptable, traditions may augment or even replace some of the old.

For instance….

  • Traditional Media – The birth of the royal baby will be annouced by the placement of a doctor’s certificate on a notice board outside Buckingham Palace.
  • Socially Modern Media – Silver coins marked with 2013 and the Shield of Royal Arms will be given to parents of babies born on the same day – if they register their baby’s birth certificate on The Royal Mint’s Facebook page.
  • Traditional Media – A press release will be issued by the royal family annoucing the Duchess is in labor.
  • Socially Modern Media – Clarence House acknowleged the news of the royal pregnancy on twitter and tweets will likely appear following the birth.

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