Mezzetta's Make That Sandwich Contest!

Mezzetta's Make That Sandwich Contest!

A few days ago, I received two complimentary bottles of Mezzetta products in the mail. Mezzetta, a leading producer of glass-packed Mediterranean specialty foods, had also sent me a letter explaining that they were hosting a Make That Sandwich contest and would like me to enter using their products.

Mezzetta Peppers

Now, I have never used Mezzetta products before but I do love Mediterranean food, so how could I pass up this opportunity! I began thinking about all of my favorite flavors of the Mediterranean – olives, peppers, feta cheese, hummus, and more. When I really thought about it, a sandwich was a very ingenious way to bring all of these flavors into one scrumptious bite. 

I quickly went to work, devising my game plan on how to incorporate all of my new Mezzetta products with other fresh ingredients. And, from there, a sandwich was born. I named my new creation the It’s All Greek To Me Panini!


For those of you who love Greek or Mediterranean food, this panini is really fit for the Greek Gods! And for the rest of us, who wouldn’t love hummus topped with veggies and feta cheese, all melted together in a sandwich?


I made the sandwich last night and immediately entered it into Mezzetta’s sandwich contest. I had so much fun making the panini (first time using a panini maker) and had even more fun eating it! All of the quintessential Mediterranean flavors stuck between two pieces of bread was more than I could ever want in a sandwich. And, I am being completely honest when I say I would have never made this brand new sandwich if it weren’t for Mezzetta’s contest. So, I want to thank Mezzetta for putting me up to this challenge and inspiring me to make my own Mediterranean-inspired creation. From now on, it’s no more blandwiches for me!

By the way, if you’d like the recipe for this amazing the It’s All Greek To Me Panini, check back on site next week. I will reveal all of the details then!

If you want to try your hand (or your new panini maker!) at making your own gourmet sandwich, you can find more details about the contest on Mezzetta’s contest Web site – Make That Sandwich. Hurry, the contests ends on Monday, September 7. 

Good luck and Good Sandwich!


  1. I had an Italian Sausage Panini using their products that was quite good.

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