A Snow Day For Adults

A Snow Day For Adults

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When I was in elementary school, I remember waiting up for hours on any given winter’s night, praying for a snow day. I would dream about sledding, hot chocolate, and, of course, no tests or homework. Now that I’m an adult, snow days have taken on a whole new meaning. I no longer dream of playing in the snow, but rather, dream about indulging in all of those little things I never seem to have time to do. In Chicago, we are expecting 20 inches of snow to fall in the next 36 hours. And, as children all around Chicago rejoice in their day off of school, I will also rejoice in that I have a day to myself. For me, that’s what snow days are all about.
10 Ways to Have an Adult Snow Day
  1. Find Your Inner Princess – What girl doesn’t want to be Kate Middleton for a day? It’s easy to pretend with these 101 ideas. Shh…I won’t tell!
  2. Take a Trip in Your Mind – Snow may keep you in, but travel Web sites, books, and magazines can take you all over the world in an instant. Why not plan a mini break or next year’s trip now? Paris, here I come!
  3. Start a Wardrobe Diet – Thin out your wardrobe by keeping the things you love and wear on a regular basis. Follow these Wardrobe Diet rules and you won’t go wrong.
  4. Do Your Recipe Homework – Explore cookbooks or recipes online – try something new, like Mediterranean style cooking. Tapas anyone?
  5. Be Your Own Valentine – Valentine’s Day is less than 2 weeks away. Plan a fun single girl’s night out or a romantic French Valentine’s Day with your true love.
  6. Tea With the Queen – If you’re going to be a princess for a day, afternoon tea is a must! Do it up right by making the perfect cuppa. Why not perfect your British accent while you’re at it.
  7. Enjoy le gouter – The French may not snack like Americans or the British, but they do enjoy le gouter. Care to join them?
  8. Fit to Be Tied – Most French girls learn to tie the perfect scarf knot by the time they enter school. Not so sure about your knot-tying abilities? Try these tips to tie one on like the French.
  9. Spa Girl – Give yourself a relaxing Mediterranean cucumber facial and olive oil pedicure. Try a new color like OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona or You Don’t Know Jacques.
  10. Take a Steamy Bath – Be like the Finnish and indulge in a sauna or bath to wind down your evening. Be sure to listen to your favorite music.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day! I live in San Diego so we don’t get snow days but sometimes it’s still fun to indulge ourselves.

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