Raising the Barre in the New Year

Raising the Barre in the New Year


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Happy New Year everyone! For many Americans, the New Year is a time to set resolutions – to create a goal for the year and then do your best to try to stick with it. However, like most French girls, I’ve never really been the type to make or stick with New Year’s resolutions. After all, should January 1 be the only time you set goals? Not to mention, many resolutions are related to health, including to lose weight or become healthier. So when a person doesn’t need to lose weight or is already healthy, what is there to reach for?

Here’s a slightly French, or European thought – why focus on all of those things you’re NOT doing (which, for some reason, on January 1 you suddenly feel like you should be doing and feel guilty because you’re not) and resolve to do more of what you love to do or at least something exciting that you’ve never done before?

So this year, I plan to do just that!

  • I love to travel – so I’m planning a trip to France in the fall – with many side trips in between.
  • I love to drink sparkling wine – so having a glass of Prosecco is on my “to do” list almost every week.
  • I love to be healthy – but instead of doing the same old, same old,  I’m raising the health “bar” by taking a new barre class that focuses on strength training, core building, and stretching.

As you can imagine, it’s much more fun – and possibly more realistic – to set your sights on doing more of what you love.

So, how will you raise the “barre” in 2014?

Ciao 🙂

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