Joie de Vivre in Epcot’s France

Joie de Vivre in Epcot’s France

When I was first introduced to the book French Women Don’t Get Fat six years ago, I was not only enamored by the book’s topic, but completely fell in love with the book’s cover art. I immediately searched for the artist – R. Nichols – and found that he not only did Mireille Guiliano’s first book cover (and subsequent book covers) but he also designed stationary, note cards, luggage tags and more. Nichols’ distinct design is classy with clean, clear cut lines, yet carries a bit of whimsy via bold colors and fanciful settings – tres chic!

Fast forward to my recent trip to Disney World….I was beckoned by Epcot’s France to stop in and peruse the pastisserie – as I always do when I’m in a faux foreign country – as well as the gift shops. I was, at first, tempted to buy a beret, but decided that buying a beret in Epcot’s France was simply not the same as buying it from the actual country. Smart move. I continued to browse the shop and came across the books and stationary section. My gaze was immediately drawn to that unmistakable book cover by R. Nichols – that’s right, French Women Don’t Get Fat was staring at me, almost begging me to look closer. And, to my surprise, as I took a closer look, I noticed a whole card section dedicated to the art work of R. Nichols, and all with a French theme! It was truly a joie de vivre moment right in Disney World. Merci, merci, merci Disney and R. Nichols!

Obviously, it took a matter of seconds for me to select my four new cards and pay for them, the whole time smiling, feeling like I had found a wonderful treasure. When I returned from my trip, I ventured onto Nichols’ site once more to see if there were more of the “Disney” cards to order, but unfortunately not. However, the artist has designed many similar cards with French/European/Travel themes – definitely worth checking out, especially if you love France and paper as much as I do.




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