Europeans Drink Their Way Slim

Europeans Drink Their Way Slim[email protected]/4933599627

When traveling to Europe, it is quite apparent who is actually a European local and who is a tourist, especially an American tourist. Beyond clothes plastered with store logos and their inability to speak anything other than English, American tourists may also stand out – literally – due to their waistlines. Obviously, this is a huge generalization, but my experience has only reinforced this belief.

If you’ve ever wondered how Europeans seem to stay slim compared with Americans, consider what each drinks. Americans indulge in extra-large processed fruit juices and frozen coffees, not to mention super-sized high-calorie sodas. On the contrary, our European neighbors embrace more low-calorie, natural drinks like Italian espresso, hot tea, and milk; and when they do drink wine and Champagne, their portion sizes are smaller.

So the next time you’re thirsty, adopt the European approach to slim drinking and reach for one of these healthy, low-calorie options.

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