French Yogurt in the US? Oui, Please!

French Yogurt in the US? Oui, Please!


The first time I went to Paris several years ago, I fell in love. But this is not a typical love story. Yes, Le Seine is lovely, Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur are amazing, and Monmartre is a hilltop jewel among the Parisian lights. But the yogurt….well, let’s just say, French style yogurt is like nothing you’ve ever tasted in the US.

Several  years later, on another stop in Paris, my family tried French yogurt and the experience was met with instant affection. However, upon returning to the US, we were sad to learn that French style yogurt was not available in the US…..until now!

Leave it to the team at Yoplait, a French-based company, to finally introduce French-style yogurt state-side. This July, Yoplait launched its US/French yogurt Oui in stores. And today, to our surprise, it finally arrived in Chicago-land, just in time for Bastille Day!

So, what is it about French yogurt that makes it stand out? Three main reasons:

  1. How it’s made: French yogurt is made with whole milk (usually) and poured and set in individual glass or ceramic pots to set for 8 hours.
  2. Ingredients: French yogurt is made with just a few, all natural ingredients. And in this case, less is definitely more.
  3. Texture: Finally, because of the way it is poured and set, French yogurt is slightly thinner than its Greek counterpart, but much creamier.

These three reasons not only make French yogurt a daily obsession but also a little piece of French heaven right in your own home. Anyone who has been to France and tried French yogurt will know exactly what I mean (am I right?)

But don’t take it from me… husband and kids were NEVER yogurt eaters until they tried French yogurt. And now, they won’t eat any other kind.

As of today, we have tried Oui vanilla (vanille) and Strawberry (fraise). I am happy to report that Yoplait’s Oui did not disappoint, in fact, just the opposite. I doubted that any yogurt would taste the same as it did in Paris, but Oui is the closest you can get, unless you are strolling down St. Germain or near Luxembourg Gardens. My son feels the same….in fact, he finished off two of the little pots of yogurt before I insisted he put the rest in the fridge.

By the way, this is in no way a paid advertisement for Oui. I am merely a huge fan and extremely grateful to Yoplait for making this happen. Of course, I wouldn’t say non to a year’s supply of Oui yogurt, s’il vous plaît?

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