Guide to a Travel Chic Wardrobe

Guide to a Travel Chic Wardrobe

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In just two days, I’ll be headed to Hawaii for a two-week business trip/anniversary trip. When packing for a trip, it’s just as important to consider what you will wear on the plane as is it to decide what to wear on the ground.

Like any aspiring chic French woman, comfort is key, but style can’t be forgotten, even when traveling. My business trips are usually limited to 3-4 hour jaunts around the US;  however, an 8-9 hour flight to Hawaii takes special consideration in regard to what to wear in transit. Not only do I need to consider being confined to my seat for an extended period of time, but I also need to address the temperature difference, leaving 40-degree Chicago weather and landing in 85-degree heat.

To address all of these factors – comfort, style, temperature, and flight length – I believe that wearing layers is a must, provided your under layers are just as cute as your outer ones. Let’s take a look at how to pair functionality and practicality with a bit of style:

3 Go-To Travel Chic Outfits

  1. Preppy Chic – Khaki pants, short or long-sleeve white button-down, with a lightweight v-neck navy sweater or waist-length cardigan. Throw on a strand of long pearls just for fun!
  2. High Street Fashionista – Your favorite or most comfortable jeans, crisp white t-shirt, a velvet blazer (a la Jcrew), paired with a scarf or long necklace.
  3. Celebrity in Disguise – Long, wide leg black yoga pants (I prefer Lucy) paired with a short-sleeve solid t-shirt with a long-sleeve black t-shirt on top. Add oversized sunglasses and a chunky scarf for the dramatic effect.
What’s your go-to travel outfit?




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