Surf, Sun, and Japanese food

Surf, Sun, and Japanese food

This is a guest post by Scott. While Jen is working in Hawaii, I get to do the fun exploring and she asked me to post today. Of course, how can I turn her down.

I arrived to our hotel and we have a wonderful view of DiamondHead Crater.


I had a wonderful night listening to Hawaiian music. Then I woke up early to go surfing. It was awesome! We went to a beach in a campsite that used to be a military base.


My surf school was the only people on the beach. It was like we had a private location.

After coming back from surfing, I had a little text conversation with Jen. Here’s a snippet:

Mr BistroChic: I’m going for a walk and for lunch. Is it wrong to go to buffalo wild wings in Hawaii?

Ms. BistroChic: Yes.

What can I say, I had a hankering for beer and wings. However, when I travel, I do like to try new places and experience local food. So, I went exploring. I figured being in Hawaii, I should be able to find some authentic Japanese food. I was not disappointed. I went to a cute place called Ginza Bairin. Now, I have never had authentic Japanese food unless you can call eating at Epcot’s Japanese restaurant authentic. I did not know what to expect.


I looked around to see how other people were eating trying not to look too much the outsider. Of course, I am in a tourist area of Oahu so it’s not really that important. The menu was primarily in Japanese with English subtitles. I asked my server what to eat. She recommended a few things. I picked the pork tenderloin. It was fabulous.

Let me back up a bit. First they bring out some sesame seeds that you grind yourself.


Then, you take this sauce and put in the bowl for a dip for the pork.


My meal was good. Although, I’m not a fan of miso soup. Everything else tasted great. The service was wonderful.

So, I’m off for another adventure. A little kayaking on Tuesday and then mountain biking on Wednesday. Can’t wait.

In the meantime, Aloha!

All photographs and the entire post was composed on my iPhone.
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