A Taste of Travel Memories

A Taste of Travel Memories

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Each time I travel to a different country or even a city, there is usually one food or meal that ends up being so memorable that just the thought of it can take me right back to my worldly destinations.

I recently read a New York Times article on unforgettable foods of Europe, as seen through the eyes of several travelers. I immediately connected with the food musings sent in by various authors and began to think about my own travels and what foods reminded me of them.

  • Maple in Montreal: When I think of Montreal, or really anywhere in Canada, my thoughts conjure up those little leaf-shaped maple candies, that melt in your mouth at the first taste. Of course, they are pure sugar, aside from the maple, but we won’t talk about those little details.
  • Soup in London – Tea is an obvious food/drink item that stands out for me in London, but I also remember the soup. Soup? That’s right. While in London, I had my first taste of “thin” soup, the kind that has been blended into a puree of sorts. Until that time, soup, to me, was always thick, with chunks of meat, potatoes, and vegetables. But once you’ve had blended, flavorful soup, it’s hard to go back. I’ve been blending my soup ever since.
  • Fresh Fish in Barcelona – When thinking of Barcelona, it’s hard not to think of the tapas and cava (Spanish version of sparkling wine) sangria. But I also think of the very fresh seafood – so fresh the heads (and tails!) were left on the fish and the shrimp. For someone who doesn’t like seafood, this experience, as fun and odd as it was, was a stern confirmation of why I choose to eat things that grow on the land.
  • Clotted Cream in County Kerry, Ireland – Although I can’t remember the first city in Ireland that I enjoyed scones and clotted cream, I am sure it was somewhere in County Kerry. This was also the first time I had ever had any scone, let alone an Irish scone with clotted cream. Unlike Ireland and the UK, clotted cream is typically reserved for afternoon/high tea at fancy hotels. So when I do have the opportunity to have it, I don’t pass it up. One taste is all I need to remind me of the rolling green hills, lovely accents, and goat crossings.
What foods are most memorable on your travels?
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