Scenes from Sausalito

Scenes from Sausalito


Sausalito 9

While in San Francisco last week for work, I took a quick side trip to the beautiful and quaint seaside town of Sausalito. Although this was not my first time in the little town – I had been to Sausalito, nearly 3 years prior to the day –  this time, I was able to spend some quality time there, in the late afternoon/early evening. Having seen the town in the early morning, now seeing it just before sunset gave me a whole new perspective on the houseboats, shops and restaurants, and narrow, steep streets.

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Also, unlike last time, I was able to find my way up the ramps of the houseboat “streets” (interconnected docks) to get an up close and personal look at how people in houseboats actually live. For privacy’s sake, I did not actually look into or take photos of the insides of houses – simply admired them from the docks outside.

Sausalito Bike

Sausalito 3

Sausalito 5

From what I could tell, they have all of the comforts of a typical, non-waterbased home, including porches with swings/rocking chairs, small garages, and areas for pets and small gardens.

Sausalito 6

Plenty of windows – of all shapes and sizes – seem to keep the houses well lit and with clear views of the outside world, which is keenly important to capture those amazing sunsets. And small boats – from kayaks to row boats – were kept close at hand for a fast getaway to a wave-filled adventure. From odd art, to gardens of succulents, to trendy theming, each house offered it’s own unusual and charming contribution to the watery community.

Sausalito 4

As the sun began to set, I realized that it was time to leave the laid back, little town, only to head back to my hotel in San Francisco and back to a fast-paced reality.

Until next time, Sausalito.



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