Floating Gardens of Sausalito

Floating Gardens of Sausalito

Sausalito Succulents 3

Last week, I mentioned my recent trip to the little seaside town of Sausalito, CA, and gave you a snapshot of the many unusual floating homes. This waterfront community, formed just after WWII ended, started with just a few makeshift houseboats and now has more than 400 floating homes. Long, intertwining docks connect the homes to one another, giving it more of a quaint, neighborhood feel with an undeniable character. It’s no wonder that Otis Redding penned his signature song sitting along one of these very docks.

Sausalito docks

Sausalito Succulents 2

But what’s even more amazing about this community is its impressive display of container gardens. Rows upon rows of flowers, lemon and lime trees, and succulents lined each dock, giving the whole area a feeling reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast and making you forget the closest grass-filled yard is a few hundred yards away.

Sausalito Succulents 1

Sausalito Succulents 4

Walking along the docks, I was in awe at not only the number of plants but also the variety and how they were intricately manicured and spaced, as if the whole garden was an ever growing, ever changing work of floating art. There’s really nothing quite like it – at least nothing that I’ve ever seen.

I can only surmise that city dwellers from bordering San Francisco come to Sausalito to enjoy some fresh ocean air and relish a quiet place to reflect. I know I would….and here’s the “front porch swing” where I’d do just that….

Sausalito chairs

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