8 Countries, 8 Souvenirs

8 Countries, 8 Souvenirs

Venetian mask

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Heading overseas this summer? Be sure to leave room in your suitcase for a few mementos from each country. If you’re not sure what each country is known for, check out these popular items:

  • England: Although some sites suggest Cadbury chocolate as a must for a souvenir, England is a great place to pick up small teapots, tea cups, or tea itself.
  • Belgium: Many people associate Belgium with chocolate, but the country is even more popular for its handmade lace items, including tablecloths.
  • Ireland: Between Guinness, Bass, and Jameson whiskey, you can’t go wrong with Irish alcohol. But if liquor is not your style, pick up a wool sweater, hat or scarf. You’ll think of the Emerald Isle whenever you wear it.
  • France: While I’d love to bring a whole box of lovely macarons home as a treat from Paris, they are extremely delicate and dry out fast. Instead, opt for a box of chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat.
  • Spain: Wouldn’t it be amazing to bring home authentic tapas from Barcelona? Because that’s not very practical, choose an amazing Catalan bowl or plate while strolling down Las Ramblas.
  • Canada: Can you say pure maple syrup? Really anything with maple!
  • Greece: The Greek islands are known for their amazing and flavorful olive oil. But if you have visions of bottles breaking in your suitcase, try bath/beauty products made with olive oil.
  • Italy: Italian Vino and leather goods are some of the most popular items for travelers. If you’re looking for something different, authentic Venetian masks (a la Carnival) can be a festive alternative.


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