The French Secret to Parenting

The French Secret to Parenting

Like any parent with two small children, I struggle with how to be a better parent and, more importantly, how I can raise two wonderful children without losing my sanity. So, I often read parenting books or articles to what’s new and improved in the parenting world. By now, you may have seen the recent books related to the French style of parenting. The French have seemed to figured out how to raise children who don’t throw food, who eat everything, and now they have children who don’t talk back. Mon Dieu! What is their secret? Well, Catherine Crawford, Brooklyn author of Why French Children Don’t Talk Back, claims that if you follow three main rules of French parenting – you the parent – will remain the ruler of the house and raise children who are respectful and mindful.

3 Rules of French Parenting 

  1. You Are the Chief – this means that you are the boss and what you say…goes!
  2. No Harm, No Foul – If there is no blood when your child falls down, don’t get up – meaning that as long as your child is not in grave danger, let them experience life (whether that’s a scrape on the knee or a C- for not studying) and a few lessons by not always jumping in to solve their problems. This is the ultimate anti-tiger or anti-helicopter parenting style.
  3. Drink More Wine – meaning, as parents, we need to relax a whole lot more, in order to get our children to relax and be less anxious (really, who wants to raise a bunch of stressed out, neurotic kids?). It also means, let  your children see how adults really act, socialize, and live their lives.

I honestly don’t know if the French have identified the secret to parenting, but it is definitely humorous and enlightening reading about how different countries and cultures view parenting.

My kids are definitely not perfect, but they are mine to love forever. And by the way….they don’t throw food and they eat almost anything….so I must be doing something right! The talking back part is a whole different story and a lesson I’m still trying to teach.




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