Recharge Your New Year With 10 Minutes a Day

Recharge Your New Year With 10 Minutes a Day

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There is no doubt that the holidays are a hectic time of year; yet for many of us, this hectic lifestyle doesn’t stop when  the holidays are over. We rush, rush, rush through November and December – buying and wrapping gifts, attending parties, entertaining out-of-town guests, and more –  that, by the time January hits, all we need is a break. Unfortunately, many of us, including yours truly, won’t get this break.

But what if you did take a break – at least for a few minutes a day? What would you do and how would it make you feel? That is exactly what the British tea maker Twinings is asking all women to do – to Take 10 Minutes a day to relax, recharge, and reenergize themselves; or in other words, 10 minutes of a little “me time”.

I have to admit, 10 minutes does not seem like a lot of time to do anything these days; however, when you have two small children, a full-time career, a husband, and a house full of projects, 10 minutes of quiet time can do wonders for your mind, mood, mothering, and your marriage.

Twinings even offers several suggestions on how women can spend their 10 minutes a day, many of which involve tea and none that involve Facebook or Twitter.

So the next time you’re thinking about all the things you have to do, take 10 minutes to do something you want to do.

My 10 minutes is starting now. What will you do with your 10? Ready, steady, go!

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