Spain and the Second Breakfast

Spain and the Second Breakfast

While in Barcelona a few years back, I remember ordering breakfast from a quaint but bustling cafe on one of the city’s main streets. It was full of business professionals and young adults grabbing un cafe and a quick breakfast, which was, amazingly, churros dipped in chocolate. Up to this point, I’d only seen churros as a dessert in Mexican restaurants. Yet, it was offered as a breakfast staple in this fairly healthy and “thin” country – by American standards anyway.

More surprisingly, while many Americans don’t eat breakfast, our Spanish friends in Europe are enjoying two! That’s right – those in Spain tend to eat two breakfasts or desayunos:

  • Breakfast #1  7-9am: This is breakfast before leaving for work or errands for the day. It usually includes a small pastry (such as a churro), bread/toast, and hot chocolate or a cafe with milk.
  • Breakfast #2  10-11am: This is a more substantial breakfast eaten on a break at work. It can include items such as meats, cheese, and eggs.
Although I’m not inclined to eat churros for breakfast everyday – at least at this point in my life – I can definitely embrace the concept of the second breakfast. Quite honestly, if the Spanish and Hobbits can do it, why can’t I?



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