Paris on a Post-it Note

Paris on a Post-it Note

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The French may be a bit proper, even aloof, at times; however, for Parisians, it only takes a little competition – and a few thousand Post-it notes – to bring out their humor and creativity.

This summer, companies in Paris have started a war – a friendly competition really – of Post-it Notes. Across the capital, colleagues have banded together to outsmart, out-create, and out-stick, their market competitors, or just the office building next door. For months, office workers have been devoting hours upon hours of sticking thousands of multicolored Post-it notes on windows to recreate such clever pixelated images as Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and the Mona Lisa.

According to the Guardian, gaming giant Ubisoft is the champion: its latest effort extended over three floors and used more than 3,000 Post-it notes to create a a design so complex it had to be worked out on a computer.

And there you have it….the French are ever classy and clever – even with Post-its.



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