Starbucks Enters Italian Market

Starbucks Enters Italian Market

One of the many things I admired about Italy when I visited a few months ago, was how serious the Italians are in regards to their coffee.

Despite my best efforts the blend with the coffee loving locals, I managed to stick out like any Starbucks drinking American….and it was all in the way I ordered my drink.

On more than one occasion, my English was corrected when I ordered  what I thought was an nonfat latte, but really should have ordered a cappuccino, which seems to be a more universal term. Still, coffee in hand, I was enchanted by the meticulous design on the creamy foam and the luscious, slightly sweet taste of espresso and warm milk. Nothing like Starbucks, nothing what I expected. Definitely worth the $3 Euro and the 9 hour flight.

Let’s hope the Italians can keep their charming coffee culture in spite of their new American competition.

Source: Starbucks to Enter the Ultimate Coffee Snob Market: Italy

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