Yogurt of the Gods

Yogurt of the Gods

If you follow my other blog Running With Cake, you know how much I love Greek yogurt. Aside from the awesome health benefits of Greek yogurt, there’s just something about the rich flavor and the thick, smooth, and creamy texture that make me think I’m eating a dessert rather than yogurt for breakfast!

If you’ve ever purchased Greek yogurt or even checked out prices at the store, you know that Greek yogurt is about 3x that of regular yogurt. I assume this price difference is because anything “Greek” seems more exotic and, therefore, people will pay more for it. Or, it could be that it takes a little longer to make than standard yogurt.

Imagine my excitement when I came across an article in the latest Cooking Light magazine about how to make your own Greek yogurt using regular yogurt! I, being the frugal gourmet that I am, had to try this recipe at least once. Let’s see how my experience went…

Step 1: Line a small mesh strainer (such as for sifting powdered sugar) with a paper towel or coffee filter.

Step 2: Spoon in any brand of regular plain yogurt (low-fat, non-fat, or even full-fat) and set the strainer onto a bowl to allow for draining.

Step 3: Cover the strainer/bowl combination with plastic wrap and set in the fridge over night, or for 7-9 hours.

Step 4: Remove your the newly thickened yogurt from the paper towel/filter and put into a bowl.

Step 5: Enjoy!

So how did it taste! In one word – fantastic! I was a little skeptical that Greek yogurt could be sooo easy to make, but it was! Granted, the kind you buy from the store is a tad thicker, but I am willing to forgo a little thickness for spending considerably less money.

By the way, when you layer the homemade Greek yogurt with berries and walnuts and serve it in a martini glass, as I did in the photo above, it looks and tastes just as exotic as the kind you buy from the store.



  1. I simply adore this!! Greek yogurt tastes so much better, but the price often puts it in the category of luxury. I can not wait to try this.

  2. What a great tip! My only advice would be to use a coffee filter over a paper towel since the coffee filters won’t leave fibers in your yogurt! We use them to degrease pizzas and they work like a charm!

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