Gelato Vs. Ice Cream

Gelato Vs. Ice Cream

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When a good friend of mine recently returned from Italy, he raved about the wonderful flavors of this amazing Mediterranean country – the pasta, pesto, wine, and especially, the gelato. Once you have gelato, you’ll never go back, he said.

Gelato….Ice Cream – What’s the Difference?

Well, for anyone who has had both, you can easily taste the difference. Gelato is denser and, often times, has a stronger flavor than ice cream. However, according to Bon Appetit magazine, the difference between gelato and ice cream really lies in the amount of fat and air found in each dessert. Ice cream tends to have more butter fat and air, making in creamier and lighter in texture. On the other hand, gelato starts with a base of eggs, and milk or cream,  yet it contains significantly less fat and air than ice cream, which gives it a richer taste and thicker texture. In other words, a little goes a long, long way. That must be why gelato cups and spoons are so little.

For a truly wonderful and simple Italian dessert, try gelato affogato style. Simply pour a steaming hot shot of pure espresso over a scoop of vanilla gelato. Buon appetito!

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