15 Christmas Foods Around the World

Celebrating the holidays with special foods has been a tradition for centuries. Sugar cookies, honey hams and green beans are just a few of those classic dishes that seem to appear year after year on tables during Christmas dinner.

Growing up in a Polish/Welsh family, we had many of the typical American dishes, but we also had an assortment of ethnic holiday foods. From herring to poppy seed cake to stuffed cabbage, savory dishes and tempting treats reminiscent of the old culture were plentiful at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Although the wonderful tastes and smells are hard to forget, the memories evoked by those foods are even stronger. Even today, I remember eating my vegetables with lighting speed only to race to the cookie table to snatch a powdered angel wing (or two) before my siblings and cousins, right before I settled down to watch It’s a Wonderful Life with a sugary grin.

Christmas food=Christmas memories.

See what other foods are making Christmas memories around the globe.

15 Christmas Foods Around the World Slideshow

Source: 15 Christmas Foods Around the World

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