A Gourmet Mexican Adventure

A Gourmet Mexican Adventure

As part of my “day job”, I occasionally get to entertain out of town guests, which often times, includes dinner at fancy smancy restaurants. Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend a business dinner at Frontera Grill in Chicago. Now, for anyone who is a foodie or is familiar with Chicago, you will know that Frontera Grill is the restaurant of Chef Rick Bayless. The restaurant is difficult to get into on any given night and reservations often have to be made weeks in advance. However, through our connections, we were able to secure a room at the last minute in Chef Bayless’ very private kitchen/library.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we wove our large party through the back of the restaurant, through the main kitchen and through some very secret entrances and exits, where we finally ended up in the private kitchen on what I think was the second floor. This covert entrance added to the excitement as did the beautifully prepared appetizers waiting at the end of our trek. Now you may look at the photos and wonder why this guacamole is so special.

This guacamole is not your average guacamole – it is Frontera Grill guacamole, paired with homemade tortilla chips, made famous by Rick Bayless. Aside from the mouthwatering guacamole, Rick Bayless is also famous for serving authentic, gourmet Mexican food, with a mix of flavors that will leave you dreaming about your next trip to Frontera. Oh, and did I mention the margaritas? They were definitely the best I have ever had and would be worth a 2-hour wait without question.

Although my photos of the rest of the meal did not turn out well due to the dimly lit dining area, the courses served in our five-course tasting menu were amazing. Trust me – the mole sauce rocked! As you can see, the whole experience turned into one complete Gourmet Mexican Adventure….and one that will be hard to top.

If you ever find yourself heading to the Windy City, I highly recommend dining at Frontera Grill. And when you do, have a margarita for me!


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