Kate Moss Goes Grey for Paris Fashion Week

Kate Moss Goes Grey for Paris Fashion Week

During Paris Fashion Week in late January, British supermodel Kate Moss had everyone talking. Not because of her overly slender figure or her catwalking abilities. But rather, it was her grey hair that left reporters and onlookers in a tizzy.

Kate Moss goes grey for Paris Fashion Week 2010

That’s right, the 36 year old, former waif turned TopShop diva seemed to go from new mom to silver fox overnight. (Sorry ladies, could not find an uncopyrighted photo of her recent style change, but you can see it here). But her grey locks were not the result of stress brought on by motherhood (although that would be very believable!), but rather an unintended, yet sassy new look brought about from not washing your hair – eeww!

According to the Times online: 

Moss hadn’t taken the unpretentious route — she’d just forgotten to wash her hair. Grey is a dry-shampoo addict’s curse, so essentially, the supermodel had got out of bed too late — and started a new trend.

The thought of turning grey makes most young women cringe. But seeing Kate embrace this new color – even making it sexy – gives hope to many women who are heading down the grey path. Kate’s temporary ‘do, however, was short-lived, for I hear she is now back to her old blonde self. It’s too bad really, because unlike most women her age, Kate’s doe-eyed, dewey-faced look was only enhanced by the new grey strands.

But then again, whether it’s grey hair or a paper bag, what doesn’t look good on a supermodel?

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