Say Cheese With a Do-It-Yourself Facial

Say Cheese With a Do-It-Yourself Facial

Cheese in the food world, it goes with just about everything. There’s wine and cheese, cheese and chocolate, cheese and crackers – you get the picture. But cheese and facials? Hmm…that’s a new one.

Cheshire Cheese: Photo courtesy of the British Cheese Board

Actually, cheese has become increasingly popular as an ingredient in do-it-yourself beauty treatments, like scrubs and facials. It really makes sense because cheese is milk based and milk is fantastic for your skin. In fact, the British cheese known as Cheshire cheese is being touted as a naturally moisturizing, anti-wrinkle product.

Cheshire Cheesy Facts

  • According to the British Cheese Board, Cheshire cheese is a semi-firm cheese that crumbles easily.
  • Cheshire cheese hails from the county of Cheshire in England. Ironically, I’ve been there but I don’t remember the cheese.
  • Some say Cheshire is one of England’s oldest known cheeses and, at one point, was the only cheese stocked on the ships of the British Royal Navy.
  • Cheshire cheese is the UK’s best-selling cheese

A Cheshire Cheese Facial

When mixed with double cream, Cheshire cheese makes a great paste for the dry skin. Just smear it on, wait for it to dry (about 15 minutes), then gently rinse your face with warm water.

Ahh…so refreshing and slightly appetizing. Can someone pass the crackers?


  1. i’m having a go at the anti-wrinkle suggestion … my face is smelling slightly of feet

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