Embrace Your French Stripes

Embrace Your French Stripes


My latest obsession …… stripes. Years ago, I thought stripes were only for kids or for super skinny models who could make anything look good.¬†However, since my recent trip to Paris, I’ve been embracing stripes, not only because I realized they look good on my petite frame,¬†but because they reflect a classic style made popular by the French.

Striped shirts are part of the iconic Parisian style. Hailing from the Breton stripe – the blue and white striped shirts used by the French Navy in the late 1800s – the striped shirt gained popularity when Coco Chanel introduced a similar style shirt in her nautical collection in the early 1900s. Since then, the French have become known for their stripes and seem to show them off whenever possible, in clothes, scarves, decor and more.

So, how am I embracing my stripes today? I’ve paired a black and white stripe fitted dress with a slub yellow infinity scarf, black tights, and knee-height black boots.


Before heading off to work, I added a winter white cropped blazer to complete the look, and to keep me warm in subzero wind chills!

Want to show off your French stripes? Here are a few of my favorites to get you started:



  1. Hi! I’ve been reading on and off for years but I think it’s about time to comment:) I love stripes too and I had one but don’t have the slightest idea where it went. Maybe it got stolen off the rack while drying in the ‘back yard’ of our condo. The yellow scarf really adds sunshine to the stripes. Anyway, you’re inspiration to living the European chic style and l will be here more often. Cheers from Bangkok!

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