The Secret to French Beauty

The Secret to French Beauty


In France, beautiful people are everywhere. But it’s more than their fashionable clothes, naturally glossy hair, and shapely physiques that make them beautiful. While walking around the walled city of Avignon a few months ago, I took note of how the French walk with purpose, heads held high, tossing casual glances at places and people that draw their interest, and showing all of the confidence in the world.

But then I noticed something more. Something that most French seem to hold close to their chest, bringing it out like a secret stash of beauty when they truly needed it. This something seemed to hit the mark on French beauty and trumped the fanciest shoes or most stylish clothes. So what is this French beauty secret?

A smile…..

For what is more simple, natural, and genuinely beautiful than a smile? Now not every French woman or man smiles, especially when merely walking down the street. Yet, when they do….a smile seems to turn even the most plain Jane of French women into stunning works of art, and aloof, grumpy waitresses into…..hmmm….more interesting and slightly less pretentious individuals.

So is a smile the true secret of French beauty? Well, some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say a smile can be worth so much more. Just ask Mona Lisa.



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