Tips from a Travel Runner

Tips from a Travel Runner

Running Path(photo source)

Have running shoes….will travel.

As most of you know, I travel quite a bit for my “day job”. Traveling for work has lots of perks, such as being taken to the airport in a town car, ordering room service, and not having to worry about every little expense. But one of the greatest things about work travel is that I get to combine two of my favorite things – travel writing and travel running.

When I travel, I try to make the most of the little free time I have on my trips, visiting cafes, coffee shops, and local sites. All of these little adventures become inspiration for travel blogging. However, one of the best things I get to do when I travel is venture into the city or surrounding area for a long run. From countrysides to the bright lights of a big city, travel running is a huge perk and one that I take full advantage of.

Over the years, I’ve run in some amazing places, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Along the river in Ottawa
  • On the ocean cliffs in Maui
  • Through the cobblestone streets of Paris
  • Along the coastline in San Diego
  • Through Kensington Park in London
  • Up and down Las Ramblas in Barcelona
  • By the waterfront in Vancouver

Although travel running can be a great way to explore the local area, be sure to practice safe running when you travel. Here are 8 main “rules” of travel running I follow:

  1. Check with your hotel concierge for a suggested running path. I also ask if there are any areas that I should avoid due to heavy traffic or other reasons.
  2. Run in a well populated area when possible, like neighborhoods, shopping districts or along typical running paths.
  3. Turn down your tunes, or better  yet, run without music and listen to the amazing sounds around you.
  4. Run with friends – although this not always possible, running with friends can offer extra protection, as well as directional support in the event you get lost!
  5. If you do run by yourself, text a friend/coworker when you start your run and approximately what time you’ll return. Be sure to text them when you arrive back to your hotel safe and sound!
  6. Take a few dollars for a taxi, metro, or just for grabbing a coffee and a scone.
  7. Take your phone! Not only can you make a call if you run into trouble, but most phones have GPS that you can use if you get lost.
  8. Oh, and don’t forget about all of those travel running photos! Early morning runs are the best time to photograph¬†those beautiful sunrises and capture shots of your local city as it comes alive in the morning.

Ciao and Happy Travel Running!




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