Sexiest European Cities

Sexiest European Cities

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine just released its picks for the top 12 Sexiest Cities in the World. Europe leads the pack with 8 cities on the list. So what makes these European cities sexy? Let’s take a look…

Rome tops the list as the world's sexiest city.

Europe’s Sexiest Cities

  1. Rome – Spanish Steps, gladiators, romantic art, and, not to mention, plentiful Italian men, help put this city on top of the sexy list.
  2. Bath – I’ve been to Bath, England, and have to say, I did not find it very sexy. Although, it was quite romantic with its Roman Baths and Jane Austen-era architecture.
  3. London – You can’t go wrong with Shakespeare and his romantic plays, and, of course, sexy British accents.
  4. Berlin – Smoking in bars? Not sexy. Staying up all night dancing, very sexy!
  5. Paris – Who needs the Eiffel Tower or French kissing? Let’s face it, a croissant is sexy in Paris.
  6. St. Petersburg – The cold, cold winters encourage lots of cuddling and vodka drinking, what’s not sexy about that?
  7. Seville – Spanish flamenco dancing and late-night tapas bars keep this city steaming all year long.
  8. Stockholm – Home of beautiful waterways, IKEA, and ABBA. Sexy? Obviously.

Want to see the other four cities that made the list? Check out the full sexy article at the Times online.



  1. Hi there.. i have to admit all those cities are really sexy and romantic but i want to included Athens seems those ruins and the history of it for me is real amazing and don’t forget those Greece guys that are very sexy..

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