Hotel St. James – Urban Oasis in Paris

Hotel St. James – Urban Oasis in Paris


One of the best parts of our last two days in Paris was staying at the historic St. James Hotel, a grand chateau in the heart of the city. From the moment our cab drove through the iron gates and dropped us off in front of the large front entrance, I knew we had made the right choice. Although we had already stayed in high-end hotels in France, this hotel was easily the most memorable, and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Location – The St. James is located at 43 Avenue Bugeaud within walking distance of the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and the Champs Elysees shopping district.
  2. Evening Turn Down – Each evening, our bed was turned down and chocolates from the popular Angelina’s shop were placed on each nightstand.
  3. Quirky, Whimsical Decor – Men’s bowler hats for ceiling lights, old fashioned walking canes on the walls, snare drums for end tables, and hot air balloon wall paper – there was truly a surprise around every corner!
  4. Comfy Rooms – The very spacious rooms were the largest we had stayed in during our trip and the plush bedding, towels, and long, flowing curtains made us feel welcome and cozy our whole stay.
  5. Nespresso machine – With French espressos and lattes easily costing 5-6 euro, the Nepresso machine in our room was not only cost-effective, it was a little bit of our home away from home.
  6. Service – From more Nespresso pods to towels, each of our requests was met with a quick and courteous response — all with a French accent of course!
  7. Perfume Selection – The famous Guerlain perfume and products are sold onsite, while also used in the hotel’s Guerlain spa.
  8. Slippers and Bathrobes – Plush bathrobes and slippers made it easy to relax after a long day of walking around the City of Lights.
  9. The Grounds – The gated, private grounds – which housed secret gardens, fountains, and sculptures – made it feel like we were staying on a quiet country estate.
  10. Library Bar – By far, our favorite part of the hotel common areas was the Library bar. The dark colors, hard wood, artwork, and two-story library (a la Henry Higgins) seemed straight out of My Fair Lady. And the bar “snacks” were incredible, especially the spicy mixed nuts!

Two days was definitely not long enough to experience the St. James in Paris. We look forward to someday returning to this amazing Parisian, urban retreat and creating more memories.


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