Doors of Provence

Doors of Provence

When most people think of the south of France, they think of its warm climate, hearty food and wine, and lavender fields. However, the tourist with a more discerning eye knows that there is much more to southern France than meets the eye.

A friend of mine was recently in Provence in the south of France. Upon arriving in Aix, she began taking pictures of all of the beautiful, colorful, and unique doors in the various southern cities. Taken on their own, each door may not seem like anything special. But, taken as a whole, the collage tells a story  –  a story of the old world charm of Provence – one door at a time.

It is also keen reminder that when we look beyond what is expected or what is normal, you may just a discover a host of quaint and enchanting nuances – some of which lie no further than the front door.


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