Canadian Adventure Day 2: Bonjour, Montreal!

Canadian Adventure Day 2: Bonjour, Montreal!

Bonjour from Montreal! As part of my Canadian vacation, we stopped in Montreal for two days for a true French experience outside of France. After checking into the lovely Hotel Le Crystal (big rooms and great location), our first stop in this French Canadian city was Old Port in Old Montreal. In Old Port, we dined at Jardin Nelson, an outdoor cafe where patrons are surrounded by flowers from a garden. Although I loved the ambience, the service and the food were a bit lacking.

The 7.5 hour drive from Niagara to Montreal caught up with us pretty fast. However, heading back to the hotel early allowed us to gain some much needed rest and wait up early to enjoy a Nespresso a la Montreal…

After a wonderful breakfast at M’Cafe, we spent most of the day at the Montreal Botanic Garden, followed by a quick stop at Notre Dame…

…outside and inside….

On our final morning, we headed back to Old Montreal for a stop at Olive et Gourmando, a quaint French cafe that reminded me of one straight out of Paris….

There, we enjoyed a few yummy pastries and a hot cafe mocha (probably the best espresso I had on my whole trip) before heading into the Laurentian mountains to Mont Tremblant.

Check back next week to see the mountain town and my up close and personal encounter with wildlife.



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