5 Essentials for Bistro Chic Travels

5 Essentials for Bistro Chic Travels

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This year has been the busiest travel year for me by far. By the end of the year, I will have traveled 14 times, visiting such cities as Vancouver, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. During this year’s travels, I have observed many, many other flyers traveling from one destination to the next. Although I spotted the occasional Jersey Shore-ette, I have to admit, most of the travelers looked rather unpolished to put it lightly.

I understand that it is important to feel comfortable when you fly, especially during the holidays. But seeing passengers who just roll out of bed makes me wonder what my late grandparents would say if they saw such behavior. Years ago, traveling used to be glamorous. During and prior to the Mad Men era, men and women would “dress up” when they flew out of town on business or pleasure. Just going to the airport was a special event and required extra attention to detail, making sure you looked just as good arriving to you destination as you did departing your home city.

I will be the first to admit that I do not dress to the nines when traveling, but I do try to wear something presentable, as if I’m going to lunch with a business colleague. After all, you never know who you will run into at the airport. When traveling, I try to follow a few style guidelines to keep me feeling fresh and fantastic before, during, and after my flight. So, what does a Bistro Chic kind of gal take on the plane with her to ensure a chic but comfy flight?

Aside from the obvious items, like license/passport, phone, and wallet, etc, I rely on:

  1. Polished Attire – Dressing down or dressing casual does not have to mean wearing your gym clothes or post-Thanksgiving pants. In fact, I don’t think I have ever worn jogging pants, leggings, or any type of stretchy pants on a plane. Tailored khakis or even nice jeans paired with a fun, climate appropriate top, seems to be my go-to style for flying.
  2. Easy Accessories – I never leave  home without my sunglasses, scarf, earings, clip for hair, comfortable but nice shoes (easy to slip on/off).
  3. Beauty Basics – When in doubt, it’s always better to carry a little somethin’ somethin’ to help you put your best face forward. I carry a small makeup bag with chapstick/lipstick, pressed powder, and a small hair comb/pick or brush.
  4. Much Needed Distractions – Sharing your life story with a stranger, or worse, hearing a stranger’s life story, is far from being chic. My advice, bring earphones, magazines, and a cute notebook such as Quo Vadis for capturing ideas on the fly and to give the impression that you are incredibly busy and important. Don’t forget a pen!
  5. Chic Carry-all – Looking weighted down by bags is NOT glamorous, even if your bags are made by Louis Vuitton. Limit your stash to one small/medium shoulder bag or one carryon roller bag.

Safe and Chic Travels Everyone!

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