French Women Add Wine for Romance

French Women Add Wine for Romance

What is a French woman’s secret to romance? Add a little wine to the mix. In a recent poll of 10,500 women in five countries,  50% of French women said that wine is an important part of the dating ritual.

The survey was conducted in France, the UK, Hong Kong, German, and the US in advance of Vinexpo, the international wine trade show to be held next week in Bordeaux, France. Other results of the survey indicated that:

  • Nearly 68 percent of women surveyed said a glass of wine is essential when it comes to creating a romantic setting.
  • Red or rosé wine is the drink of choice for the majority women surveyed.
  • Almost half of all women surveyed said they drink wine at least once a week.
  • When it comes to picking wines, the origin of the bottle is most important to 70 percent of French respondents, while the price was the most important factor for British women, at 51 percent.

More wine = more romance? I’ll drink to that! Is it time to add un peu de vin to your life?


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