Touring a Japanese Garden

Touring a Japanese Garden

Botanic Garden Serenity Garden

Since I began working for a Japanese company a few months ago, I’ve become increasingly interested in the Japanese culture, including art, food, and gardens. Living near Chicago, we are fortunate to have access to incredibles Japanese gardens located at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Highland Park, IL.

Botanic Garden Japanese Trees

The Chicago Botanic Garden’s Malott Japanese Garden is a garden of three islands, also known as Sansho-En, which brings nature’s tranquility to visitors. The garden with its carefully styled plants and judiciously placed stones is filled with cultural symbolism and is a tribute to the beauty of pure form.

Botanic Garden Japanese Shoes

Botanic Garden Japanese sitting area

From curving paths, to grassy hills, to waterfalls and perfectly pruned pines (think very large bonsai trees), the garden offers many photo opportunities…..

Botanic Garden Rock Path

….beautiful places to stroll….

Botanic Garden Water


And quiet sitting areas to contemplate life.

Botanic Garden Japanese Art

Even if you don’t live in the Chicago area (or even the Midwest), there are still many opportunities to view these amazing nature displays. In fact, more than 200 public Japanese-style gardens have been built in the US and Canada in the last 150 years. To find a Japanese garden in your area, check out the North American Japanese Garden Association.


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