Hygge, the New Nordic Lifestyle Craze 

Hygge, the New Nordic Lifestyle Craze 

Living in the Midwest my whole life, winters can seem never-ending. After the Christmas tree and decor are stored away, you’re left with day after day of snowy, overcast skies, limited daylight and freezing temps – the infamous winter trifecta that can make even the happiest person feel blue.

So how does a Chicago girl keep from getting down January to March? By embracing the cold, gray weather and using the time to get a little cozy with hygee, the Danish lifestyle – and what experts are saying is the secret to a happy life.

If you haven’t heard of hygge, the Nordic secret to a happy, healthy, cozy life, take a page from a new book on the subject. Winter just got a lot easier.

Source: How to Hygge, the New Nordic Lifestyle Craze | Tasting Table

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