French-Inspired Living: Chic Hiding Places for Small Things

French-Inspired Living: Chic Hiding Places for Small Things

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Whether filled with antiques or modern decor, a French woman’s home will rarely look cluttered. For her, there’s a place, a purpose, and a story for everything. This doesn’t mean that she is not sentimental – she most certainly keeps mementos that are precious to her and displays them with pride. However, you will rarely find those loose odds and ends scattered frivolously around the house or laying on the nightstand. Instead, she tucks these loose items into a charming box or glass jar, where they become a decorative piece of art.

If your desk, counter, or nightstand seems a little cluttered these days, try taking page from a French girl’s book – give your trinkets their own decorative and discreet space. Here are a few of my favorite fancy hiding spots:

  • Large tea tin – like Harney and Sons
  • Old fashioned letter/stationary box
  • Vintage hat box
  • Sturdy department store box – a la Tiffany’s
  • Mini leather trunk, chest, or suitcase

Clever, practical, and très chic- oui oui!


  1. Great idea! I have a lot of old tea tins and vintage Laduree boxes lying around….I should put them to good use.

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