French Guest Soaps for the Holidays

French Guest Soaps for the Holidays

(Pottery Barn Photo)

Attending a holiday party this year? Keep in mind that, more often than not, it is polite to bring a small hostess gift. Although a nice bottle of chardonnay is always classy, it is not always the ideal gift for someone who is very particular about his/her wines; someone who does not drink wine at all; or, in my case, a themed wine-tasting party where the wine is provided by the host.

In these cases, opting for a simple, classic gift can prove the better choice, ie fresh flowers, a decorative pillar candle, or festive cocktail napkins (cloth, please!). And, if you’re feeling rather saucy, you can even try to match your gift to the theme of the party (with the exception of wine!) and/or the interests of your host(s). For instance, I will be attending an International Wine Tasting Holiday Party in December, where guests are asked to bring a photo of a destination they’ve been or one they’d like to go (so many choices!). As you might have guessed, the party hosts are not only wine lovers, but they are also world travelers who, in fact, just visited France this Spring. So what does one fellow world traveler and wine lover get for another of the same breed?

Why French guest soaps from Pottery Barn! To be more specific, the triple-milled soaps are part of the collection by Gianna Rose Atelier Bonne Nuit and resemble small pillows imprinted with Bonjour on one side and Bonne Nuit on the other. How’s that for a little pillow talk?

Very classic, very charming, and, of course, very (French) chic. Voila!

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