3 Reasons to Visit London in 2012

3 Reasons to Visit London in 2012

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My husband and I have been looking forward to a trip to Europe, particularly Great Britain, in 2012. Unfortunately, when we started looking at airfare, we had a rude awakening. Everywhere we looked, from London, to Paris, to Barcelona, tickets were much more than what we had expected, especially to London. We began to wonder why tickets were so expensive, even for March which is off season. Then, my husband came across an article that talked about the World’s Top Destinations for 2012 – and London was at the very top of the list!

But why is London so popular this year? In any given year, London offers a wealth of historical sites, cultural activities, and more – but this year is different. Not only did last year’s royal wedding between William and Kate draw additional global interest to England, but there are three specific events taking place in London/England this year that have the whole world talking:

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee – This year marks the Queen’s 60th year on the throne and there are plenty of festivities surrounding this noteworthy anniversary.

The 2012 Olympics – This summer, millions of people are expected to descend on London as the city hosts the 2012 Olympics in July and August and the Paralympics in August and September.

Charles Dickens 200th Birthday – As if the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee weren’t enough, this year Charles Dickens – the British author of such beloved books as David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, and a Christmas Carol – will turn 2 centuries old – officially on February 7. England is definitely the hub of activity for Dickens celebrations but after doing a few simple searches, I found that many other major cities are having their own celebrations and exhibitions (ie. do a google search in your city/state).

So if you are one of the lucky ones traveling to London this year – Enjoy!

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