12 Months of Teapots

12 Months of Teapots

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After nearly four years of sharing my quaint musings, most of you know how much I adore teacups and teapots. Over the years, I have learned that many of my readers and friends also share this interest. So for all of you tea totalers and collectors, here’s something to add to your holiday wish list.

Crate and Barrel has just announced their 50th Anniversary collection of teapots! Yes, I can hardly believe it myself…not only is Crate and Barrel been open since 1962, but they have chosen to celebrate with 12 months of teapots. Each Bauhaus-inspired Arzberg teapot, a C&B classic for 50 years, is a limited edition collector’s item with a unique design inspired by international artists. This gives a whole new meaning to sipping your tea with style…..

12 Months of Teapots

Starting in December 2012, the teapots will be available on the first of each month. If you have any desire to own one of these beautiful items, don’t wait. Despite its hefty price of $200, the December teapot has already sold out.

Now, I can hardly expect to receive all 12 months of teapots for Christmas. But, just like receiving one perfect rose over a whole dozen….one perfect, limited edition international teapot would be lovely. Now, the only problem is, which design to choose! I give up….surprise me 😉

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