10 Ideas for a Great Staycation

10 Ideas for a Great Staycation

Good morning friends! It is a gorgeous morning today – so much cooler than it has been for the last week which makes for great running.

I am on vacation this week – woo hoo! But, contrary to what many of you might guess, I’m not headed to Paris or even sunny Florida, I’m staying put. Yes, this will be my first-ever, true Staycation!

Palm trees and paradise

Palm trees and paradise: you will be sorely missed.

A few months ago, when I was deciding what to do for my summer holiday, I came across a story about how the British have embraced the concept of staycations. A recent poll in Britain showed that 60 percent of Britons, or 37 million people, are planning to stay home for vacation this year. That’s double the amount of staycationers as last year.

Taking staycation simply means opting to stay in your own country or even your own home, rather than venturing abroad or out-of-town.  Although it’s not as exotic as I like, a staycation was much more friendly on my budget this year than my typical vacations. I’ve also been traveling quite a bit this year for work, so the urge to travel really hasn’t been that strong lately. At one point, I was actually adverse to traveling – or at least getting on a plane – gasp! I’m even a little glad that I won’t have to worry about paying luggage fees, sitting in the airport for hours because of delays, or waiting in long lines anywhere. Although I will miss the palm trees.


If you like pina coladas...

Pina Colada - On my staycation list!

When contemplating what to do on my staycation, I decided to jot down all of the things I like doing on real vacations:

  • Relaxing by the pool or at the beach
  • Listening to live beach-type music (a la Jimmy Buffet)
  • Exploring historical or cultural sites
  • Going out to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (ie. eating vacation food)
  • Perusing eclectic shops
  • Walking around outside at night
  • Getting a massage or having my nails done
  • Wearing vacation clothes – like sundresses, etc.
  • Taking a drive or walk by the water
  • Enjoying many frozen drinks with little umbrellas
  • Getting up late and taking a nap whenever I want to

Unless I’m traveling to Europe, my vacations usually center around sun, fun, and relaxation. So, nearly all of my vacations have included the activities mentioned above. Although I will have company in town for part of the week, my goal is to try to do a few of these activities in my area or right at home.



















Staycation idea: Pack a picnic and head to the zoo or botanical garden.

Staycation idea: Pack a picnic and head to the zoo or botanical garden.

If you’re planning on taking a staycation this year, here are a few ideas on how to have a real vacation without venturing too far from home:

  1. Explore your city or a nearby city as a tourist
  2. Get a spa treatment – or indulge in a whole spa day!
  3. Attend a local ethnic festival
  4. Have a picnic at a local botanical garden or zoo
  5. Stay out late and sleep late
  6. Invite friends over for a fancy cocktail party under the stars
  7. Attend an outdoor concert or listen to live music
  8. See an off-broadway play or Shakespeare in the Park
  9. Enjoy dinner at a restaurant similar to one you would have eaten at if you were on vacation – ie. Missed out on Paris? Go to a French restaurant? Couldn’t afford Aruba? Try a Caribbean or beach-themed restaurant.
  10. Read a book (that you’ve been wanting to read for months but just didn’t have the time) from start to finish.

Interested in more culture and romance on your vacation? Here are 12 ideas for a European staycation!

Happy Staycation Everyone!

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