A Very Nespresso Birthday

A Very Nespresso Birthday

Last weekend, my husband treated me to an overnight in city for my birthday. After checking into the Hotel Palomar (a fantastic boutique hotel in Chicago), we headed to Bloomingdale’s Home Store to view its Nespresso products.

As I walked through the doors, I was completely surprised and nearly overwhelmed to see that Bloomie’s had a whole area dedicated to Nespresso, complete with a Nespresso Bar. Sidebar – If you are a Nespresso fan (or even an espresso fan) you will understand why I am dedicating a whole post to this subject. If you are not, this post will make no sense to you.

The store – which seems to be operated separately from Bloomingdale’s – is stocked with all of the Nespresso essentials – cups, saucers, espresso holders, chocolate, and oh yes – a wall of capsules! The store sold all of the typical capsule flavors available on the Nespresso website, and a few of the limited editions.

Hmmm, decisions, decisions (yes, that is the back of my head, having a lovely hair day). With soooo many capsule flavors to choose from, it was very hard to decide which flavor I would sample at the fully-stocked Nespresso bar. After making my way to the front of the line (which, not surprisingly, had quite a few Europeans), I captured the barista’s attention. She mentioned a new limited edition flavor – Naora, which has hints of blackcurrant and blueberry. Sold! After savoring the delicious new flavor as a latte, I ended up buying two sleeves of the little black raspberry colored capsules. Oh, and not to mention a very stylish and handy Nespresso capsule holder….

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ciao 🙂

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