A Bistro Chic Birthday

A Bistro Chic Birthday

Bonjour and Joyeux Anniversaire to me! That’s Happy Birthday of course!

Yes, my birthday was yesterday. And, in our house, birthdays that fall on the weekend turn into a weekend-long birthday celebration. Sometimes there are parties. Sometimes there are small dinners. Other times, there is little fanfare, but rather a celebration of relaxation and family that is often lost in the day-to-day activities of work and responsibilities.

Spa candles

So how did I celebrate my birthday weekend? With a little bit of this and a little bit of that:

  • Relaxation – On Saturday, the day before my birthday, I received a wonderful pedicure from my mother-in-law (who moonlights as a nail technician!) Although les enfants were still running amok, the pedicure was quite relaxing, especially because I was sitting on the couch for a hour not having to do a thing! Another part of my relaxing weekend was going for a 7-mile run on Sunday, my actual birthday. Some of you may not think running is relaxing, but again, anytime I have an hour to myself, it’s relaxing!
  • Indulgence – Ok, where do I start? My father-in-law, a master baker (I think he own a patisserie in a previous life!), knows that I love all things lemon. On Saturday, he surprised me by baking a lemon chiffon cake with raspberry cream – delicious! The next morning my husband and the kids went to the local bakery and picked up several baked treats for breakfast. I arrived home from my run to yummy sites and smells, followed by chocolate kisses from the kids. Finally, after a long birthday Sunday, I topped off my indulgences with a tart frozen yogurt from a local froyo cafe. Expensive, but well worth it!
  • Family Time – On Saturday, I bonded with my 2 1/2 year old daugher as we shared a breakfast of French bread, brie, and raspberry preserves – plus a juicy green pear and English Breakfast tea with cream. I must also add that she was wearing her very pink tutu in preparation for the afternoon Fancy Nancy Party that we attended. So chic, at such a young age – she really must be my daughter. On Sunday, we attended my son’s rousing soccer game, followed by a quick trip to the zoo in downtown Chicago. In true Bistro Chic Fashion, we dined at a French Bistro- Mon Ami Gabi – for dinner, where I had an amazing asparagus and leek soup, followed by a frisee salad with bacon and a poached egg.
  • Little Surprises – And now for the good stuff! I received several birthday greetings via FB, email, etc. some expected, and some very unexpected – but all lovely and very welcome! I also received a special birthday gift from Sephora – France’s gift to the mass-cosmetics world. Ooh la la – nothing like receiving a fancy and free beauty gift on your birthday. If you want a free Sephora treat on your birthday, just sign up for the Sephora Rewards Program. And speaking of free, I also received a free travel size Bath and Body Works hand cream – citrus of course! The free cream was not really a birthday gift, but it was still a nice free birthday treat! But wait, what was my very favorite birthday surprise? The homemade cards from mes enfants – complete with an alien spaceship with me inside. Maybe they are trying to tell me something?

Whew! For a low-key birthday, I actually did quite  a lot!

Bistro Chic Travel Forecast – Looks like next week will be much warmer and sunnier week for me! I’m headed to Austin, TX, on another business trip. I may just, accidentally, stumble upon a few French macarons and a French hot chocolate – but that will be our little secret, mes amis!


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