3 Ways to Shake the Winter Blues

3 Ways to Shake the Winter Blues

Winters Day

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Feeling a little down today? You may not be alone. A few years ago, British researchers identified the third Monday in January as “Blue Monday“, the most depressing day of the year. But why is January 21 so depressing? It’s really a combination of anxiety and gloominess brought on by the:

  • Post holiday “blahs”
  • Realization of holiday debt
  • Dreary winter weather
  • Disappointment about not staying true to New Year’s resolutions

Despite the hype around Blue Monday, some psychologists believe this depressing day is, in fact, all hype, and may only become reality as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m a fan of the latter belief. Instead of giving into the winter blues, why not take charge of your own destiny and make January (or the entire winter) a happy and meaningful experience – and here are a few suggestions to get you started….

3 Ways to Shake the Winter Blues

Save the Date! Buy a new calendar or create an online calendar (ie Google) specifically for “fun” things to do during the winter months. Review the local events in your area — free classes/seminars, new restaurant openings, a library speakers series, etc — and pencil (or type) these things into your calendar, setting reminders so you don’t forget. Can’t find local events? Create your own! Make a list of 5 things you want to do before the spring, such as going to the opening of a new movie, having lunch with a friend, taking a road trip, going for drinks at a swanky bar, or treating yourself to a spa day. Add these to your calendar and kiss those winter blahs away!
What’s your theme? Plan a themed weekend – whether it’s having friends over for a Downton Abbey marathon or pretending your French for a day – this will challenge your creativity and give you something to focus on other than the cold weather. Bonus – your friends may follow your lead and plan their own weekend events giving you even more to look forward to.
Picture Perfect Take a photo journey. Spend the day in a quaint historic village in your area or a large, bustling city within a 2 hour drive. Take photos of unusual store fronts, architecture, or wintry scenes. Share your photos with friends on Facebook or via email giving them captions about the interesting things you saw.
How do you shake the winter blues?
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