Traditional European Christmas Cookies

Traditional European Christmas Cookies

Linzer Cookie

(Linzer cookie: Photo Source)

Bonjour! Throughout the winter holidays, sweets are plentiful at gatherings around the world, and many of these treats represent food traditions of years and cultures past. Even in the United States, Thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers are often celebrated with an ethnic nod to traditional European desserts, including puddings, Christmas cakes, and country or region-specific cookies.

During my own family holidays we’d often enjoy traditional Polish specialties, such as chrusciki or angel wings. Even after the passing of many elderly Polish aunts and uncles, these timeless Eastern European treats somehow manage to turn up – and eventually disappear, leaving only satisfied smiles and the outline of powdered-sugar angels on the plate.

Feeling a little nostalgic this holidays season or just craving old-world delights? Trying making (or purchasing from your local bakery) one of these top European Christmas cookies:

  1. Italy – Bocconotti
  2. Scotland – Traditional Shortbread
  3. France – Gingersnap Palmiers
  4. Sweden – Crullers
  5. Austria – Raspberry-Almond Linzer Cookie
  6. Poland – Angel Wings
  7. Russia – Russian Tea Cookies
  8. Belgium – Speculaas Spice Cookies
  9. Germany – Pfeffernusse
  10. Switzerland – Zimtsterne









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