Mini and Mighty Scones

Mini and Mighty Scones

Tiny Buffalo

A few weeks ago, I received the August edition of Cooking Light magazine. After flipping through the pages, I came across a short article on a small baking company called Tiny Buffalo out of Atlana. Normally, I would not think twice about skipping this article and moving on to the next. However, the main photo of a lovely looking scone caught my attention. Upon learning that the scones were vanilla/pistachio and for sale via mail, I did something I’ve NEVER done before – immeditely went online to purchase fresh, mail order baked goods.

Now, it’s no secret in my blogger world that I adore scones, especially orange scones, no doubt due to my love for all things British (on a side note, I have tried to make scones at home but they’ve never turned out as well as bakery scones). Therefore, I was determined to try these new scones on the block – after all, someone’s got to do it. But it appears that I am not the only one who gets Cooking Light magazine nor am I the only one who has a scone fetish. At the time I made my purchase, many of baked goods were already sold out due to the publicity the company received from the magazine article. Luckily, I made my order in the nick of time.

Two weeks passed and my scones had still not arrived. After emailing the company and receiving a prompt reply (that I greatly appreciated) I was told I would receive my scones in the next few days. The only problem was that I was leaving on a business trip just 3 days later and would need to leave my prescious scones alone – with a curious husband and 2 hungry kids.

Nevertheless, a few days later my little bag of mini scones arrived. My husband, the dear photographer and former food blogger that he is, proceeded to take several photos of my delightful package, either in anticipation of me wanting a photo for my blog or wanting proof of what they looked like in case they were to disappear before I returned from my trip. Either way, when I arrived home several days later, my scones – one short of a dozen – were still nesting in their pretty brown bag.

Several scones later, I can honestly say that these vanilla/pistachio scones are mini but mighty, and certainly on par with my orange favorite. About the size of a cookie, they have a deliciously yummy flavor and completely melt in your mouth. I would highly recommend them for all scone lovers, with my only complaint being that I can now not purchase more as they are still sold out online.

Note to Scone Lovers – If you do have the good fortune of buying these scones before they sell out again, be sure to eat them promptly for ideal freshness….and to avoid losing a few to hungry guests along the way.

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