World Flavors of McDonald’s

World Flavors of McDonald’s

McCafe Macarons

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As a person who tries to live by French or European principles of eating, I normally avoid fast food restaurants for the simple reason that they often use unhealthy cooking methods to cook less than quality food products – not to mention they serve the same foods over and over with little variety. However, I was intrigued by a recent article about unusual, locally inspired foods served at McDonald’s around the world, including:

  1. The McBean (Sweden) – a blend of cannellini beans, kidney beans and veggies on a sesame seed bun.
  2. Georgie Pie (New Zealand) – a hoagie style “pie” filled with minced steak and cheese.
  3. Pizzarotto (Italy) – a mini-calzone filled with…what else? Tomato and mozzarella a la caprese salad.
  4. Samuri Pork Burger (Thailand) – teriyaki pork on a bun – need I say more?
  5. McBaguette (France) – Breaded chicken, ham and cheese or a hamburger topped with hash browns served on a baguette. McDonalds in France also serve macarons and crepes – now that’s my kind of fast food!

Although I don’t plan on going to McDonald’s on my next trip to Europe, it’s encouraging to know that there are some fast food restaurants who embrace local flavors 🙂

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